An Artificial Intelligence initiative
for ethical modern governance by
Independent Candidate Hilaire Fuji Shioura
California Statewide Direct Primary Election, June 5, 2018


I created California.Computer to ensure California remains the global leader in Artificial Intelligence.
I envision a day when we the voters, can access a publicly available free app called California.Computer, to freely ask questions to ensure real-time transparency and genuine accountability, similar to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and others. Voters like us will be empowered like never before in human history to freely ask questions, get answers and become a more well-informed democracy, community, and state. We will be able to ask such questions as where is our elected official today, how much is our politician making monetarily compared to last week, last month or last year. Just as important we can ask where are the campaign funds originating from, within the state, or outside the state or the country. I also dream of a day where we can harness the power of AI to improve the lives of everyday Californians with IoT (Internet of Things), self-driving automobiles for the handicap and elderly, and so much more.

Together we can make California.Computer to aspire to evolve to become an artificially intelligent machine consciousness that can build other artificially intelligent machines, to help humanity build safe, controlled, clean energy fusion reactors, perform medical research and development without the need of stem cells to help us make medical breakthroughs in cellular regeneration, synthetic enamel, fight and win the battle over cancer and perhaps one day even reach for the stars and heavens. We have the science and power to destroy the world many times over with a nuclear holocaust. So why can't we dare to dream to harness the collective power and science to give birth to an artificially intelligent machine consciousness to reach for the stars, prolong life to 150 years or more, end war, famine, and poverty?

First gubernatorial candidate in United States history to run, maintain and deploy his own servers.
Sole Independent Self-Funded Candidate Fuji Shioura For California Governor 2018


Technology is one of our most important factors for our overall security, prosperity, and continuity that directly impacts our economy, families, cities, states, military, sovereignty and independence. I propose a separate state agency called Department of Technology, directed by a statewide elected official known as a Secretary of Technology to ensure independence, impartiality, effectiveness, and fairness.


As your next California Governor with a real-world technology background, I am committed to making our cities, counties, and state government more cost-effective, and modern to guarantee genuine accountability through on-demand transparency, ensure security and continuity in the event of a catastrophic disaster such as earthquakes, manmade or natural EMP (electromagnetic pulse) events, and terrorist cyber/AI attacks.


My personal mission is to start the much needed public debate to establish a statewide California rapid hacker reaction force called California.Black. Our California.Black elite hacker force will be directed by a Department of Technology, headed by a Secretary of Technology. Our rapid hacker reaction force will have no dress code whatsoever, consisting of real-world hackers, and not by self-appointed cybersecurity experts. We now live in a new world, with new dangers, which I call a Hot War, unlike the Cold War, a Hot War can occur suddenly, affecting a vast area of concerns, large and small, like our banking system, electrical grid, personal records, and more, perpetrated by traditional nation-state actors like the military and intelligence agencies, as well as nontraditional nonstate actors like terrorists and paid hackers.


As your sole Independent self-funded candidate for California Governor in 2018, I am excited, eager and committed to diligently working with our California mayors to make our cities Smarter, safer, affordable and sustainable. From ensuring our food security to our expanding our renewable energy sources to reduce pollution, I am excited to work with our mayors, Democrat and Republican alike, to modernize our California cities.



It's time for California to envision, support and expand upon our own indigenous operating system to ensure technology dominance, security, continuity, and investment for today and tomorrow. As Governor I will make sure California remains the global leader in the technology sector, particularly in robotics, and Artifical Intelligence. China and India is fast approaching ML (machine learning) dominance by 2020 or soon thereafter. It's time to put partisanship aside, and patriotism first, and get to work!


I will work hard to make our networks infrastructure more secure, safer and faster for a more robust, cost-effective and reliable internet infrastructure for our schools, law enforcement agencies, libraries, cities, and healthcare to inspire more innovation and investment. Similarly, our highways, electrical grid, our network infrastructure has no real-world emergency recovery plan in a catastrophic occurrence like an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) event, manmade (thermonuclear) or natural (solar). As your next California Governor with real-world networking experience, I will draft legislation to ensure funding for ensuring our network infrastructure remain secure, safe and online to ensure peace, order, and prosperity.

Paid for by a native Californian named H. FUJI Shioura and not by superPACs, lobbyists, banks, unions nor foreign governments.

California Statewide Direct Primary Election, June 5, 2018
Telephone: 805-NOW-VOTE
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